It’s My Turn

Please take a moment to view the video link below.  This is a little friend of mine within the Early Intervention system who’s funds have been withheld for six months, while our State Government holds her funds hostage.  When she first began with Early Intervention at 14 months old, she had not way to communicate, she had not words and hardly even babbled.  She and her family were frustrated and completely disheartened… they little girl had no way to express her needs.  Now, after working with a Developmental Therapist for only six months, my little friend is using some sign language independently and she is babbling/vocalizing consistently.  But even more importantly, she is beginning to imitate and functionally use words!  Now, at 20 months old, my little friend can speak to her family and tell them she wants, “more,” or that it’s “my turn” when she wants something you have!

To our Esteemed Government; Governor Wolf, Pennsylvania House of Representatives, Pennsylvania Senate, please consider the following: As opposed to the budget negotiations and stop gap measures that must be all consuming to you, I solicit your ideation of this little girls need for service while viewing this brief video clip of her progress.

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