My doctor recommended Early Intervention.  My 2 year old daughter wasn’t saying any words.  She was my first baby, I didn’t realize anything was wrong.  I was so nervous when the therapist came to our house.  But the therapist spent so much extra time with us, just to make sure that we were comfortable with her.  Once my daughter warmed up to her, they were inseparable.  Now my daughter won’t stop babbling, and she is even saying some words!  We are very excited!

March 2019

H.R. (Tannersville, PA)

Prior to being seen by the staff at ECD Connections, my son only had a few words, maybe ten or so.  Since he has been seeing his Speech Therapist, he is now using two words at a time.  He can communicate better.  I am so pleased with the staff and my son’s progress, all in just a few months of therapy!

September 2018

C.L. (Stroudsburg, PA)

At 20 months my daughter was only saying 3-5 words and not very clearly.  At the suggestion of my pediatrician and daycare we began Speech Therapy with ECD Connections.  She has a huge vocabulary now including colors, shapes, foods, and 2 word sentences.  She speaks clearly and mimics new words easily.  She is so much happier and less frustrated. Everyone is so impressed by her quick progress.  We could not be happier!

October 2018

C.M. (Stroudsburg, PA)

We loved Early Intervention.  The therapist they sent to work with my Grandson, gave me a lot of suggestions.  Things I didn’t think about doing beforehand.  She always kept in touch with us about his progress.  This was a good experience for us!

December 2018

T.H. (Stroudsburg, PA)

Our Physical Therapist was amazing. She got down on the floor and showed us how to help him crawl.  It’s amazing what he is doing now!

January 2019

P.H. (Cresco, PA)

My Speech Therapist gave our son his voice.  We couldn’t have done it without her.  She understood our busy schedules and worked around it. She was really flexible and understood that we wanted to help our son. She really went out of her way to accommodate us.

February 2019

B.N. (East Stroudsburg, PA)